Hiring Usually Sucks – But It Doesn’t Have To. Here’s How To Hire For Happiness!

Many workplaces are stuck in a vicious cycle: Recruitment is rushed and haphazard so the workplace is unhappy so more people quit so they have to recruit even faster. We need to break this cycle.

Ive had the privilege to visit and study a lot of the worlds happiest workplaces and one thing they all do really well ishiring. They take hiring very seriously and put a lot of effort into bringing in the right people and (equally important) keeping out the wrong ones.

In our recent webinar, we showed exactly how workplaces can hire for happiness, including:

  • The top mistakes companies make when recruiting
  • How to figure out which applicants will fit your culture and which wont
  • How to make the hiring process itself a good experience for all involved
  • The most important lessons from great workplaces who hire for happiness
  • 7 specific tips you can try in your organization

You can watch the whole thing and download my slides and other materials here.

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