2 thoughts on “A message to all recruiters”

  1. I remember a recruiter had asked me why I wanted to leave my previous job. I thought the right thing to do was to be open and honest. The reason why I wanted to resign from my previous job was that I was living from paycheck to paycheck. That’s just the truth. The recruiter pretended to have compassion when I laid it all on the table. I never got the job. That was probably 2013. Fast forward to 2015 I did an interview at a different company and the same question was asked. Again, I was open and honest. I got hired, I’m still with the company. Recruiters need to understand that if a candidate indicates that they left a company because of the pay. It isn’t that they hate the company or intend to run from one company to another. If there are better opportunities available elsewhere. What’s wrong with trying them out.

  2. True. A recruiter should not take that as a bad sign there can be many reasons to leave a job and there is no issue if someone wants to leave their job and join some other organization.

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