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A question: Next chat with Anna

PodcastBack in December, Anna Farmery of the Engaging Brand blog and I did a conversational podcast on “Emotions at work” that turned out quite well, if we do say so ourselves :o)

We’re looking to do another podcast – and we’re wondering if you have any ideas for our next topic? Write a comment if there’s something you’d like to hear us talk about – all suggestions are welcome.

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Podcast about emotions at work

podcastAnna Farmery of the excellent Engaging Brand blog and I had a great conversation about emotions at work.

Some of the key points that came up were:

  • Ignoring emotions at work means big trouble.
  • We can try and tell ourselves that we are 100% rational at work. We’re kidding no one.
  • How should leaders handle emotions?
  • The main point is openness. Be open to what you and others are feeling.
  • Ask, and be able to handle the answers.

And of course the hilarious story of how Anna celebrates at work and when she scores hockey goals.

Listen to or download the podcast.

Podcast about motivation

PodcastThere is a lot of talk about motivation in the workplace these days. Both from managers complaining that their employees aren’t motivated and from employees complaining that their managers don’t know what makes them tick.

And frankly, it’s no wonder, because there are some fundamental misconceptions about motivation in the business world. There are four different kinds of motivation, only one of them works, and businesses and managers rely almost exclusively on the three that don’t.

That is the topic of my first podcast, which you can download here. It’s 23 minutes long and will take up 7 Mb on your computer.

Please let me know what you think. Is the sound OK? The content? What do you like about it? What can I do better? What great podcasts should I listen to, and get inspiration from? This is my first podcast, but all the cool kids have’em and I wanted one too :o)