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Cha Chaan Teng: Hong Kongs Bizarre East/West Fusion Diners – new episode of Electric Enthusiasm

In the latest episode of Electric Enthusiasm,  Katie gets REALLY excited as she shares her love for Hong Kong’s Cha Chaan Tengs – cheap informal diners that serve a bizarre but delicious Asian take on the western food that the British served in their restaurants.

Hear about the pineapple buns that contain zero pineapple, the deep fried peanut butter french toast and Katie’s mom’s favorite midnight snack: macaroni soup.

Katie even gets Alex to make some Hong Kong milk tea and try it on the show… hear if he likes it.

Click here to find the episode on your favorite podcast platform or watch it on YouTube:

Enthusiasm – The Way to Protect a Jazz Legacy

Our guest in this BRAND NEW EPISODE of Electric Enthusiasm is Jonathan Stout, a band leader and guitarist specializing in swing jazz guitar. His bands are some of the world’s premier swing dance bands.

Jonathan is incredibly enthusiastic about preserving the legacy of authentic swing guitar and honoring the people who created and developed the genre.

Hear about:

  • How Jonathan went from heavy metal electric guitar to jazz music
  • His incredible collection of vintage guitars and what “white whale” guitar he dreams of getting his hands on
  • Jonathan’s one simple trick for becoming the best in the world 🙂

Jonathan also plays for us and it’s INCREDIBLE!!!

Listen to the episode right here.

Modesty Blaise is 1000 Times Cooler Than James Bond. New episode of Electric Enthusiasm.

There’s a NEW EPISODE of Electric Enthusiasm out today and I LOVE this one!!!

Modesty Blaise kicks as much butt as 007 but she does it with way more style and way less borderline rape.

Meet the coolest action heroine from the 60s who began her adventures in newspaper comic strips before making her way into novels and some shockingly bad movies.

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New Electric Enthusiasm episode: The Banjo… Loud, Fun And Sexy?

People have a TON of misconceptions about the banjo and often dismiss it as the instrument of hillbillies or rednecks. But did you know that it’s an instrument with a huge history and tradition that can be both loud, fun and… sexy?

In the latest episode of our Electric Enthusiasm podcast we have a guest, Daniel Rodrigues who is a Portuguese jazz musician living in Copenhagen where he plays in several different jazz bands and he is VERY enthusiastic about the banjo.

In our Moment of Meta we talk about the most important rule of enthusiasts everywhere: Don’t yuck someone else’s yum!

The most interesting woman in the world!

Oh you thought we were done?! Nope! We launched our podcast Electric Enthusiasm with a sweet two-for-one deal!

In episode 2 Katie shares awesome stories about The Most Interesting Woman In The World: Ms. Josephine Baker. Did you know that she was not only a singer, dancer and entertainer but also a civil rights activist and spy for France during WWII?

Hear the episode on SpotifyApple PodcastGoogle Podcastother platforms… or right here:

Awesome new podcast: Electric Enthusiasm

MY NEW PODCAST IS OUT!!! In it, I and my awesome and highly energetic co-host Katie Cobalt celebrate unironic enthusiasm by getting excited about a wide variety of topics.

The first episode is about The Happiest Man in Hollywood – Harpo Marx of the Marx Brothers. Hear amazing stories about Harpo’s epic life, his best pranks and about his occasional nudism. He could (and would) turn any boring situation – like a game of golf – interesting by taking off his clothes.

In each episode we also have a Moment of Meta where we give tips for living a more enthusiastic life.

You can hear it on Spotify, Apple, Google and all the other podcast platforms or right here:

If you like the episode and also believe the world needs more enthusiastic people, please share the podcast with others. That would makes us really happy!

A question: Next chat with Anna

PodcastBack in December, Anna Farmery of the Engaging Brand blog and I did a conversational podcast on “Emotions at work” that turned out quite well, if we do say so ourselves :o)

We’re looking to do another podcast – and we’re wondering if you have any ideas for our next topic? Write a comment if there’s something you’d like to hear us talk about – all suggestions are welcome.

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The Feel Factor – Why no workplace can afford to ignore what people feel

Podcast about emotions at work

podcastAnna Farmery of the excellent Engaging Brand blog and I had a great conversation about emotions at work.

Some of the key points that came up were:

  • Ignoring emotions at work means big trouble.
  • We can try and tell ourselves that we are 100% rational at work. We’re kidding no one.
  • How should leaders handle emotions?
  • The main point is openness. Be open to what you and others are feeling.
  • Ask, and be able to handle the answers.

And of course the hilarious story of how Anna celebrates at work and when she scores hockey goals.

Listen to or download the podcast.

Podcast about motivation

PodcastThere is a lot of talk about motivation in the workplace these days. Both from managers complaining that their employees aren’t motivated and from employees complaining that their managers don’t know what makes them tick.

And frankly, it’s no wonder, because there are some fundamental misconceptions about motivation in the business world. There are four different kinds of motivation, only one of them works, and businesses and managers rely almost exclusively on the three that don’t.

That is the topic of my first podcast, which you can download here. It’s 23 minutes long and will take up 7 Mb on your computer.

Please let me know what you think. Is the sound OK? The content? What do you like about it? What can I do better? What great podcasts should I listen to, and get inspiration from? This is my first podcast, but all the cool kids have’em and I wanted one too :o)