A question: Next chat with Anna

PodcastBack in December, Anna Farmery of the Engaging Brand blog and I did a conversational podcast on “Emotions at work” that turned out quite well, if we do say so ourselves :o)

We’re looking to do another podcast – and we’re wondering if you have any ideas for our next topic? Write a comment if there’s something you’d like to hear us talk about – all suggestions are welcome.

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3 thoughts on “A question: Next chat with Anna”

  1. Alex

    Can’t wait to get together again, would be great to have a selction of topics that we can discuss – even better if we disagree and get a conversation going. I produce The Engaging Brand podcast to help others so I cannot wait to hear the fabulous ideas that I know will come forward…..and creating some happiness in the business world!

  2. Well, I don’t know how appropriate is this BUT… I believe that a lot of the problems between office colleagues arise from incompatible psychologies, incompatible views on life and work. Basic understanding of psychological structure, especially PoLR (Place of Least Resistance) could provide some help in stressful offices. For example my PoLR is Te(Extroverte Logic) so… everyone imposing some boring duties or lecturing me about some failure to fulfill this kind of duties is gonna hit a very sensitive spot… and it will hurt… most of the time ;) Happiness is not something you get…. it is what remains when you get rid of all your problems…. It is there all the time… buried.

  3. I think Peter has a great idea. I tend to go towards the Myers-Briggs personality typing, but yeah – how to deal with different types of personalities inside the workplace would be a good subject. Introverts vs Extroverts are a good starting place.

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