Podcast about emotions at work

podcastAnna Farmery of the excellent Engaging Brand blog and I had a great conversation about emotions at work.

Some of the key points that came up were:

  • Ignoring emotions at work means big trouble.
  • We can try and tell ourselves that we are 100% rational at work. We’re kidding no one.
  • How should leaders handle emotions?
  • The main point is openness. Be open to what you and others are feeling.
  • Ask, and be able to handle the answers.

And of course the hilarious story of how Anna celebrates at work and when she scores hockey goals.

Listen to or download the podcast.

6 thoughts on “Podcast about emotions at work”

  1. Alex

    Ok it is now official that the world will know I am mad as a hatter from the hockey story!

    Hope you enjoyed it and would your readers to come up with a topic for our next chat ?


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  3. Anna, you don’t really think you had anybody fooled, do ya? Anyway – these days, crazy is good. Crazy is the new black.

    I’ll ask the readers about a topic for our next chat – and I’m really looking forward to it.

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