The most interesting woman in the world!

Oh you thought we were done?! Nope! We launched our podcast Electric Enthusiasm with a sweet two-for-one deal!

In episode 2 Katie shares awesome stories about The Most Interesting Woman In The World: Ms. Josephine Baker. Did you know that she was not only a singer, dancer and entertainer but also a civil rights activist and spy for France during WWII?

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One thought on “The most interesting woman in the world!”

  1. Hi Alexander,

    It was such a great article! Josephine Baker sounds like an amazing woman, and I really enjoyed knowing about her. I really got to know a lot about her from your resource, and the more I heard, the more interesting she sounded. I am really glad that history is full of amazing people like her. I am really looking forward to knowing more about such amazing figures and how they helped shape the world.

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