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Should you seek passion or duty at work? (Pssst: The answer is passion).

In an opinion pice in the New York Times, professor Firmin DeBrabrander argues that you should not approach work as your passion but as your duty. Looking for passion at work, he says, will make you stressed and is bound to fail anyway. I think that's complete nonsense! I know - what a shocker :) … Continue Reading ››

How to measure happiness at work – and how NOT TO

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZyXsReIXQY Most companies conduct regular job satisfaction surveys, but they often don’t work very well and fail to deliver tangible improvements to employees’ perception of their workplace. This leads to increased unhappiness among employees and from there to lower productivity and higher employee turnover. In this video we cover:

20 ways to measure happiness at work beyond the usual useless satisfaction surveys

Measuring employee happiness is a great idea. Sure, it has its problems. Any time you measure anything, you run the risk of getting bad data, the wrong data or making bad decisions based on the data. But it still makes sense for two main reasons. First and most obviously, if you measure employee happiness right, it can … Continue Reading ››