A happy mayor

I often think that if there’s one area that could use some happiness at work, it’s politics. I’d like to see more politicians who are not afraid to be optimistic, happy, cheerful, nice and friendly.

Well, here’s one who is:

Not only is Mayor Hazel McCallionhappy of the City of Mississauga in Canada happy at work, she is also 88 years old, has been elected 11 times, has a 91% approval rating AND has kept her city debt-free.

I think happiness is a powerful force in politics – it may even have been what got Obama elected president over McCain.

What about you – do you know any other examples of happy politicians?

Thx to Guilla for mentioning this fantastic video.

6 thoughts on “A happy mayor”

  1. my pleasure alex! it is always nice to have inspiration just a click away… plus i think that to be happy @ work, you have to love what you do, have to have a challenging job and contribute to the well being of all. i am glad you liked it.

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  3. We have to have happy, positive political leaders if we as citizens are going to be happy as well. I think Obama’s positivity and optimism during his campaign definitely played a part in his win as President. When I think of the photos I saw of Obama during his campaign, he was almost always smiling and looking friendly, compared to McCain who often looked more serious and somber.
    People are attracted to optimistic, happy people, and those are traits people want in their leaders. This is obvious with Mayor Hazel McCallion. Having been elected 11 times and with a 91% approval rating – her city definitely loves her! Makes me want to move to Mississauga! Too bad happiness isn’t something we see more often in our political and business leaders.

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