I’m speaking in Curacao in April

You may remember that I spoke in The Dominican Republic last October (where they forced me to wear a suit for the first time in years) and in April I’m going back to the Caribbean. MAN, I love my job :o)

In fact, this time the whole company is going, to deliver the keynote and a full-day training at The X-Factor Experience Business Master Class in Curacao.

From the web site:

Designed to give implemental insights and hands on learning experiences by keynote speakers/trainers operating in Europe and the local market, the X-Factor Experience Business Masterclass will provide you with the ability to put classroom knowledge into real-world practice – immediately.

So take your career to the next level and join us from April 2-4, 2012, where you will get the unique opportunity to gain practical tools and be able to network and share ideas with peers in a non-competitive environment.

It’s going to rock!

2 thoughts on “I’m speaking in Curacao in April”

  1. Dear Alexander,

    Welcome to Curaao!
    Since I read your book Happy Hour is … I’m a fan of your idea’s and I try to incorporate them in my school, a public highschool in … Curaao. It’s my convinction that happy people perform much better, especialy in education.
    I would have happily participated in your workshop, but then again, it’s a public schoolboard, which means overhere lots of read tape, so that wouldn’t work, even if the money was available. Anyway, at the age of 58 I’m not really among the group that X-perience adresses, but what’s in an age?
    I don’t know your time schedule, but if you have some spare time to share I would like to recieve you at my school or at my home place to give you an idea of the real life at Curaao.

    Kind regards,

    Jo(seph) Hanssen

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