Happiness at work in The Dominican Republic

A month ago I had the pleasure of speaking for the first time in The Dominican Republic. I was invited by Proaccion, a local consulting company who did a fantastic job advertising and arranging the event.

70 CEOs and top level managers came to hear me speak for 3 hours about felicidad en el trabajo para la rentabilidad organizacional. There’s an article about the event here (in Spanish).

I want to thank everyone who came for their enthusiasm and all the great questions. People seemed really inspired and from what I can tell the people of The Dominican Republic have a great capacity for happiness in life and a massive potential for translating that into their workplaces.

And I especially want to thank Zoraima, Salvador and everyone else at Proaccion for taking such good care of us. They made sure we had a wonderful time, met many great people and even found a suit for me, so I could attend the private tour of the government palace, since the palace is a no-jeans-zone.

So here – for the first time in years – is yours truly in a suit and tie:

My next international gig is in December in Greenland… so a slightly different culture and climate :o) Should still be very interesting.

6 thoughts on “Happiness at work in The Dominican Republic”

  1. Congrats on conducting a successful talk in the Domnican Republic. Too bad you didn’t have a video clip like you did in India. You look good in that suit, btw. Good luck in Greenland, Alex.

  2. Great suit & tie look but the shoes don’t match! No matter, you are a happy guy and my neighbors in DR (in in an island near by) sure enjoyed what you had to share! From head to toe, no doubt, you were a total success!

  3. I used to live in the DR and I am so bummed I missed the opportunity to see you, as I have followed your blog for quite some time now. If you are ever close to Guadalajara, Mexico, or Puerto Vallarta, I’ll be sure to go see you there!

    People of the DR are so joyous and laid back, I am mexican but have very strong ties to the island (my wife is Dominican) it is so ironic that such a laid back place did make you get into a siut and a tie to visit the Presidential Palace! Please continue your great work and like the Domincans say, “Pa’lante” (that means, “para adelante”, or “move forward”, Dominicans have invented their own version of Spanish)

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