Book review: The cathedral within

The cathedral within by Bill Shore is about charity. Bill Shore is the founder and executive director of Share Our Strength, an organization that supports anti-hunger and anti-poverty efforts worldwide.

This book strengthened my conviction, that giving is important. Giving something to your community or your world confirms your identity, it strengthens your spirit and creates meaning for both individuals and organizations.

He compares the drive to give something back to society to that of cathedral builders. Creating a cathedral is not like creating an ordinary building. A cathedral is meant to last, it means something to those who participate, and it brings forth the best qualities in the builders.

So this book is about how individuals and organizations can do good and improve the world. There are many interesting anecdotes in the book, some of the most poignant draw on Bill Shore’s own experiences as a parent.

One of the most interesting organizations mentioned is Pioneer Human services who don’t rely on donations, because they make their own money as part of the process to rehabilitate drug addicts and ex-convicts.

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