Learning styles

While webresearching about learning, I found some info on learning styles. It seems there are different basic approaches to learning.

You can be either:
Active or reflective:
Active learners learn by doing, reflective learners learn mostly by thinking

Sensing or intuitive:
This is the same distinction as in the MBTI personality type. Sensing learners tend to like learning facts, intuitive learners often prefer discovering possibilities and relationships.

Visual or verbal:
If you’re visual you want pictures, verbal learners like words.

Sequential or global:
A sequential learner prefers to start at the beginning and work forwards. Global learners prefer to get the big picture first, then fill in the details.

It seems obvious that knowing your own learning style must be an advantage. If you want to know what you are, there’s a test here.

There’s also more info on learning styles here.

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