Cool name wanted

In a couple of days time, I’ll be starting my new company. The company will work with happiness at work, with new ways of working and meeting. All the things I’ve been reading about, thinking about and talking about for a year now.

But the company needs a name, and that’s where I need your help. Write a comment and suggest a name. The winner will get an honourable mention here on the site.

11 thoughts on “Cool name wanted”

  1. Let me see…

    Joy Consult?
    Joy Group?
    Joy People?

    nah… Those sound awful.

    What about some Latin (Yes, Latin is *always* good)

    Heia: expressing joy or surprise (Latin)

    Gaudium: joy , gladness, delight; a source of delight. (Also Latin)

    Laetor: to rejoice , be joyful. (Also Latin)

  2. Hmmm… a name? What about a mixture, a little positive, a little shar

  3. IMHO the word ‘Joy’ has sexual connotations :-)

    How about:

    Chilled Company
    Positive Agenda
    Open Agenda
    Work Sense

  4. Why don’t you play off the gerund qualities of the word work itself?

    joyWorks -meaning both joy is what
    makes it work and
    like "brickworks" your
    new company will produce

    Change the word joy to the word of your choice! kjerulfWorks!

  5. Nice question. I just stumbled in via the Greymattersite, looking for goodlooking examples of templates and designs. Yours is best so far.
    Why not look in a complete other direction. Does the name have to do with what you do? Apple, e.g. has got nothing to do with computers ‘n’ stuff, still a good name though.

    I had to think of the Japanese commander in the classic movie Bridge Over The River Quai. He repeatedly says to the p.o.w.’s: ,,Be happy in your work”, great quote, bad name.

    Why not make fun or have fun naming the company: The Whip, Sissyfus (I mean the greek Myth, don’t know how to call it in English). Even my own name Sputnik13 could do.
    I just mean, don’t get stuck in constructions with words like joy, happy, work.
    Oh, another idea: ‘In Labour’ (Having Babies) or ‘Labour Day’ (Festive Holiday in US).

    If you like my contributions. I would be most happy with a copy of your template, cuz, it’s very well designed, great colors too.

    Best regards to the whole of Denmark. Cool people

  6. Oh, just one more small tip:

    Don’t use your name Kjerulf. Because while for Danish it may sound very common (I guess).

    Internationally -To me, being Dutch- it looks like something when you just slam your hand on the keyboard.

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