Happiness at work marches on

Project Happiness at work took a giant leap forward last saturday. I’d invited some people who’ve been following the project or who liked the idea of doing an effort to promote happiness at work, and we spent four hours refining the project and coming up with a game plan for the next three months.

The highlight of the meeting for me was to see how the idea of spreading happiness at work grabs people. To know that the project is now more than just my dreams and ideas. To hear people say “We” as in “We need to find ten companies willing to give this a try. How do we do it?”. To see people assume ownership and leadership in different areas, and to see each contribute according to their interest. (Need I say that the meeting was an Open Space meeting? Of course it was).

But mostly: Thanks the people who came. It’s a great feeling for me to know, that I’m no longer alone, and that it’s no longer just my pet project. I look forward to spreading some work-happiness along with you guys, and along with anybody else who wants to help. Thanks!

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