Street musicians giving away money

I saw something really cool today: A choir of 10 or 12 middle-aged swedish men were singing in one of the squares in central Copenhagen (they were really good, btw). On the ground in front of them, they’d placed a cap, and people of course put in money. And here’s the twist: One of the men then started giving the money away. He took the cap and gave money to a kid standing there with his mother and to a homeless guy sitting on the ground.

Then they went around to other people collecting more money (I gave what change I had). I saw them again further down the street, giving away some of that money to a guy collecting for Africa. So they weren’t really collecting, they were redistributing. Nifty. Actually I think it might have been a bachelor party, but a remarkably well behaved and generous one, in that case.

One thought on “Street musicians giving away money”

  1. Wow! That is just like a moderne day Robin Hood story. Heartwarming to see, that there are still generous and kind people on this planet.

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