Disney and creativity

This article has a brief outline of the Disney-method for evaluating and developing ideas. The method is inspired by the fact, that Walt Disney could play three different roles, when ideas were tossed around the Disney offices: He could be the dreamer, the critic or the realist. And all three roles are vital when new ideas are developed, but ideally you need them in the right order.

If you criticize an idea to soon, it’s too easy to kill it off. You need to build the idea up a little first, then become critical. However, if you don’t think critically about your idea, you have no idea of whether it will stand up. Finally, you need to be realistic: Is there something good in this idea.

I have a principle that I try to stick to: Whenever I hear of a new idea for the first time, I always say that it’s a good idea, and try to find the reasons why it’s good. I may off-hand be able to think of a hundred reasons why it’s a bad idea, but I save those for later. Build the idea up first – then try to shoot it down.

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