notes: Good blog stories

I suggested a session at on “good stories about blogging”, and dalager, emme, eatmyshorts, bubber, myagent and I had a fun and exciting exchange.

The stories ranged from me being invited to a conference in DC by Traci Fenton after posting about her to Guan being flamed by Basse Bergqvist to emme being hired to invent a fictitious past.

I didn’t write down all the stories, but we did discover some common themes, namely that most of the stories were about:
* What happens when you interact with ithers on the basis of the content of your and/or their blog
* Unexpected consequences of blogging
* What happens when you lose your (real or perceived) anonimity

So the good stories we tell each other are not about solitary epiphanies stemming from blogging. They’re mostly about social encounters (on- or offline, real or fictitious) that were affected by the contents of a blog.

If you have a good story about blogging, feel free ro add it in a comment here or blog it yourself and add a link.

2 thoughts on “ notes: Good blog stories”

  1. Here’s a funny blogging story from just this morning: When I arrived at the blogforum, I went up to Mygdal to tell him about the movie I saw yesterday (love actually), and suggest that he take Rikke to see it.

    It turned out that it was too late, he already knew that I’d seen it and under what circumstances. You see, Patricia had blogged about it last night after we got home (I didn’t know that) and Thomas read it this morning.

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