Democratic CEO round table, part 2

The round table is now over, and it’s been an amazing ride. Some of the highlights were:
* Hearing real-life stories of organizational democracy – the ups AND the downs
* Meeting some wonderful, courageuos people
* Exploring the link between political democracy and organizational democracy. Fredo Arias-King gave a fascinating presentation on the transition to democracy in eastern Europe and the ex-Soviet countries and why some succeeded and others didn’t. Key factor: People! The countries that completely got rid of the old guard (the Nomenklatura) succeeded.
* Seeing Traci Fenton and her team in action. Relaxed, creative and on the ball
* “Singing in the rain” with Victor Aspengren of Schafer Systems

I’m jetting of to Seattle in a few hours, and I’m looking forward to just chilling on the flight. Then the Practice of Peace conference starts tonight.

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