2003 has been a wonderful year for me. Here’s a list of some of the things that I’m really grateful for in 2003, in no particular order:
* The company of the wonderful and innovative people at Arena. Thomas, Ole, David, Valdemar, Peter, Tine, Guan, Niels and many more. We rock!
* Moving to an appartment on the 7th. floor. Great sunsets!
* Meeting Traci, Justin, Christine, Mike and the other wonderful people at the World Dynamics CEO round table.
* Seeing Seattle with Pam.
* Seeing the happy at work project take off like it has, and being able to make people happy.

* My super-nephew David.
* Having time to both read and write.
* Seeing my brother and my sister shine, working for the good of others.
* Working with all the wonderful people who have joined the happy at work project. Liselotte, Patricia, Niels, Charlotte, Thomas, Mette, Mette, Finn, Carsten, Heidi, Lars, Karen, Marie and many more. You guys are a joy to work with and a source of deep learning and inspiration.
* The company of my wonderful girlfriend Patricia.
* Practicing, performing and partying with the SATS aerobics show team.
* Talking about the happy at work project on national TV.
* All the fascinating conversations I’ve had. I have talked with so many interesting people, that mentioning even a few here would make no sense. I have learned so much, and I’m deeply grateful to all the people who have shared their views with me.
* Broadening my understanding and practice of Open Space Technology.
* Seeing some street musicians give away money. A small random event that shows me just HOW weird and beautiful the world is.
* Having the financial means to choose what I do, regardless of what I can make money on.
* Becoming aware of the importance of concepts like storytelling, generosity, learning, peace, positivity, impro theatre, freedom – and starting to work with them.
* A wonderful motorcycle vacation through Germany in Holland.
* Road graffiti.

There is so much more that I could mention, and I’ll probably think of it as soon as I submit this entry. 2003 has been a wonderful year that has offered me great challenges, great companionship, great results and great development. I couldn’t wish for more – except maybe for more of the same in 2004.

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