Well, I’M happy

These are good times for the happiness at work project. Yesterday I spoke at a conference om motivation and employee satisfaction in call centers, and I was a hit. I attended the whole day and was the last speaker, and while the day had been good with some interesting topics and good speakers, all day long it had been the typical format we all know: One speaker, lots of powerpoint slides and an audience sitting in rows looking up at the speaker. When my turn came, I got rid of the tables and made everybody sit in a half-circle. I used talking stick and some open questions to get a dialogue going and it worked really well. Makes me wonder why we even have the old school kinds of meetings and conferences any more.

Today I had a meeting with some people from a danish municipality, and they ordered a workshop in january. Just the meeting itself (which was basically a sales meeting) generated a lot of positivity, and they were really excited about the workshop. Woohoo!

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