An Economy for Giving Everything Away

Chris linked to this text a while ago, and I’ve been chewing my way through it since then. It’s kinda long and full of important thoughts on living a life of giving, illustrated through the Open Source movement and through the life of the author himself, one Andrius Kulikauskas, the proprietor of Minciu Sodas. Minciu Sodas describe themselves as “an open laboratory for serving and organizing independent thinkers”, and surfing their website reveals a high occurrence of words like fractal, global, innovation and network. I have no idea what they’re about apart from that. Maybe they’re a fractal, global, innovation network :o)

Anyway the article makes a starting point in the decision that “I accept the idea that I should give everything away”, and then examines what implications this may have on how you work and live. One conclusion: Wealth is relationships.

This is really interesting to me, since one of the basic principles of the “Happy at work” project is that we’re open source. Everything we create, all the knowledge we gather is available to anyone for free. We’re about giving happiness away. Read it!!

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