Change that is deeply effective and positive presents a paradoxical challenge. On the one hand, there needs to be an appreciation and acceptance of how things are in the here and now. On the other hand, there needs to be an active intention to make things better. Nothing needs to change, and everything can improve. This is the way to avoid the two extremist traps of activist’s frustration or pessimistic complacency.

– Patch Adams

I’m reading Gesundheit by Patch Adams , a combination autobiography and explanation of his lifes work, the creation of the Gesundheit Institute. This is a marvellous book. I keep wanting to jump to he PC and put quotes from it online, and when I read this one I couldn’t contain myself. Patch cuts straight to one of the deepest paradoxes surrounding change in a clear, concise and well formulated way. My hat’s off to this man.

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