Festival in the workplace

I had the pleasure yesterday of speaking with Roosevelt Finlayson and Michael Diggiss who are working in the Bahamas on something they call the Festival In The Workplace. It arises from the question of:

How is it that many persons who are going at half pace or less on the job, get involved in more creative activities outside of the workplace, such as the annual Junkanoo festival, and become transformed, passionate and highly productive individuals?

In other words, how can you bring the dedication and spirit that people display when they work on eg. the Junkanoo festival or the Rio Carnival to the job? You can read their introduction to the project, it certainly brought a smile to my lips.

Talking to Roosevelt and Michael was a pleasure, and it was wonderful to discover that we share many of the same ideas and dreams. I admire their vision and dedication, and I find the mere idea of the Festival In The Workplace to be intriguing and inspiring.

The contact was made when Roosevelt happened to surf by this site and discovered that we are working on similar projects, which once again proves the value of this internet thing. I personally think it’s here to stay :o)

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