General recording tips

Here are some general, non-technical tips for recording a chapter of the Practice of Peace audio book. I have absolutely no experience in this, so feel free to ignore it completely :o)

First of all, before you start recording, read your section through once or twice, so you know what it says. This will probably make the flow of your reading much better. Consider if printing out the pages might work better than reading straight off the screen.

Once you’re ready to record, I suggest that you:
1: Find a quiet, undisturbed place.
2: Reserve plenty of time.
3: Do a small trial run first. Read one page or one paragraph, save it, listen to it and see how it works. After the trial ask yourself:
* Is the sound quality good?
* Is the volume too high or too low?
* Am I talking too quickly or too slowly?
* Am I understandable?
4: Take some breaks while recording (use the pause button)
5: Dont’ expect perfection. If you mispronounce something, just correct yourself and move on. Those little mistakes we’ll make, just serve to show that we’re real people.
6: Enjoy yourself :o)

Did I leave anything out?

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  1. I also suggest, that you start your recording by saying something like
    "Practice of Peace, chapter 7, part 2, starting from page 123, read by John Smith".

    Just to make it easier to keep trak of the sound files.

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