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Somebody asked on the Open Space mailing list if Harrison Owens book The Practice of Peace would appear as an audio book. Harrison replied that there were no current plans, so I suggested creating an audio book together.

I was inspired by Cory Doctorows latest books (Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Eastern Standard Tribe) as well as Lawrence Lessigs new book Free Culture, which have been released under the Creative Commons’ least restrictive license. This license allows people to do pretty much whatever they want with the original works, as long as it’s non-commercial. This allowed some people to self-organize and create audio versions of the books, by each volunteering to read a chapter. This is what we’re going to do with the Practice of Peace also, and I volunteered to coordinate.

Here’s a list of chapters:
Chapter I Peace and the Practice of Peace
Chapter II A Piecemeal Approach to Peace
Chapter III Scope of Work for the Peacemaker
Chapter IV Muddling Through
Chapter V The Pathology of Control and the Power of Griefwork
Chapter VI The Practice of Peace
Chapter VII Many Roads to Peace
Chapter VIII Preparation for Peacemaking

If you’d like to read a chapter, please add a comment to this post saying what chapter you’d like to read. If somebody’s already taken your favourite chapter you might consider another one. If all the chapters are taken add a comment anyway – maybe will work something out.

Harrisons publisher, Human Systems Dynamics Institute, will send each person a copy of the book, and we can then record a chapter and put them together somehow.

There’s been a huge interest in participating, which is a wonderful reflection on the generosity of the OS community. So what do we do if we have more volunteers than chapters (which I’m almost sure that we have). Any suggestions?

13 thoughts on “Practice of Peace audio book”

  1. I’d like to read chapter nine. We can sub-divide chapters if we have more readers than chapters. I am so glad you are doing this. I enjoyed your energy and enthusiasm at OSONOS and now see them reflected in creating another beautiful gift to the world.

  2. I’d be happy to read any chapter or section, with some particular interest in the piece about griefwork (as my own counseling and consulting practices are focused in this area.) I know, however, that I’m not in the inner fold of the OS community and therefore would be happy to step aside in favor of others who are more connected and wish to read. This project is a wonderful idea – thank you Alex for coordinating – I look forward to any level of participation.

  3. I can read Chapter VIII, Preparation for Peacemaking. I am happy to share the task with anybody, who likes to read the same chapter. Thanks to Alex for initiative!

  4. Hello, Alex, thank you for your inspired suggestion and willingness to coordinate! I’d like to read any of the sections in the first half of Chapter 4 (which looks like it’s pretty much the same chapter in the 2nd edition as it was in the first?)

    By the way, wow–that’s an interesting and mind-bending article in your previous post–kind of like trying to see the back of your own head!

  5. I’d be happy to fill in any gap you may have and read whatever is available. I find this project really thrilling. Bravo to all who are working to its realisation.

  6. Hi guys.

    Thanks for the amazing feedback, everybody. I’m really happy for a chance to contribute to the OS community, and it’s wonderful to see that so many people are willing to give their time to this project.

    I think the project will be fun and the result will be great!

  7. It would be a privilege for me to read a chapter or part thereof. I’m interested in Chapter 7 or 8 and happy to share with anyone wishing to mingle with an Irish-Australian brogue…
    many thanks Alex for your initiative and energy

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