Hugging NY

There’s a kinda funny kinda sad story on NY Times about one Jayson Littman.

He is a financial analyst who happens to think that New Yorkers could use a hug. So it was, a month ago, that Mr. Littman began distributing hugs – free – from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sundays in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

“At first I thought no one would respond,” said Mr. Littman, 26, who lives in Manhattan. But on his first Sunday, standing before a giant hand-lettered sign that reads “Free Hugs,” Mr. Littman and a friend embraced 200 people in two and a half hours. “There’s a lot of war and blood in the world right now,” he said, “and this helps to even it out.”

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  1. Hey there – thanks for posting my article on your blog!! Please be sure to come on down to the park for a hug.

    spread the love,

  2. You’re most welcome. You’ve come up with a great idea, which must take a lot of courage to do.

    When I get to NY, I’ll be by for a hug :o)

    I can tell you, that in the organization I started (the happy at work project), hugs are the greeting of choice.

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