0 thoughts on “Tornado holiday”

  1. Alex,

    If you visit this summer we will do our best to treat you to a tornado.

    Of course, I have lived here all my life and never seen one.

    If you like poems about storms, and I do. check out Robert Frost "Line Storm Song".


  2. Just remember to click your heels twice and say "there is no place like home".

    Side comment: I thought the one EU political picture with the NAZI symbol on the lower right hand was mean spirited. Perhaps I am too sensitive. But in general I love the notion that political portraits/posters serve as the "raw material" for creativity! This was something I first noticed in Cologne when I was there for Carnival. I loved the political lampooning that is part of their celebration!

    You are always welcome here; tornados or no tornados!


  3. Alex,

    Good point about street art! I think all art from time to time ought to piss me off. Same with books, music and the like. Otherwise we stay stuck in the "matrix" and never get to see what is really real!

    Create great,

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