Moral imagination

I found a very interesting article on Using Moral Imagination for irreplicable Strategic Advantage.

Based on “The Moral Advantage Model” the author argues that there is a strategic, competitive advantage beyond the traditional two of low cost and differentiation. From the article:

With agility, companies with moral imagination evolve their strategies and operational practices to changing worlds while simultaneously remaining steadfastly faithful to the values and purpose that define them.

The key … lies in using Moral Imagination to understand two dynamics. The first concerns the degree to which work satisfies the deepest human needs of employees and concerns the company’s Values and Ethics. The second concerns the degree to which a company’s product and service satisfies the deepest human needs of its customers and concerns the company’s Strategy.

I like the article both for it’s logic which is clear and compelling but also for the way it talks about moral choices grounded in clear strategic concepts and thinking. Read it!

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