Back from Goa

We’re now back from Goa after two wonderful weeks that seemed to contain a little of everything and a lot of pool-side relaxation. Here are some pictures, and here are some highlights from the trip:
* Feeding, riding and washing elephants. Not to mention being washed by an elephant.
* A bookshop so cheap, that I bought 40 books to take home and give away.
* The incredible service at the hotel.
* The food. Aaaahh, the food :o)
* Finding that once again, the happy at work project inspires people. We may even get the happy at work project India going, and if that’s not an interesting idea I don’t know what is.
* Stirring up trouble at the Open Space on Open Space conference :o)
* The sunsets.
* Meeting so many wonderful people – both locals and at the conference.
* The insane traffic. Cars, trucks, scooters and motorcycles. And bicycles and pedestrians. And cows, dogs, goats and more cows.
* Fooling around with the new camera. Excellent!

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