Art money

This is a seriously cool concept: Art money.

Art Money measures 12×18 cm and is an original work of art by the artist hand. It has a purchasing power equal to 20 Euro when first introduced and increase in value by five Euro p.a. for 7 years after which it settles and holds 50 Euro forever.

Art Money can be used to buy art or services from all the registered BIAM artists at up to 50% of the sales price. Art Money can be spent in registered BIAM shops and businesses up to a % set by the individual business. Art Money can be used as payment for accommodation at any BIAM host. Art Money can be spent 100% in the BIAM market. Art Money can also be spent at non-registered shops and businesses around the world when ever accept if found.

Not only is the money beautiful – the concept is very interesting. Imagine a wallet full of art. Now THAT’S wealth :o)

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