Living vs. blogging

I haven’t been blogging much lately, and the reason is simple: I’m too busy living to write about living :o)

The happy at work project is going so well, that it’s taking up all my time right now, I could fill page after page with all the good stuff that’s happening for us right now, but in brief:
* The “happy at work” game is finished – and we immediately sold the first 10 copies.
* We’ve moved into our new offices – they rock!
* We’re planning yet another Happy at Work Conference – June 2nd at Basecamp.
* We’re meeting new friends, partners and customers everywhere we go.
* We hired Mette Nygaard Olsen to work full time.
* There’s a new Happy at Work Website coming real soon now.
* We just agreed on our biggest contract so far with a huge international customer.

Phew! I think this will be a very interesting year :o)

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