I gave up skiing some years ago in favour of snowboarding, and if you want to know how it feels to start on a snowboard, read this funny, well-written account of a beginners trials:

We … watched little snooty five-year-old skiers walk by, kids you could tell hadn?t fallen even once that day. Do you have any idea how horrible it is when your ego is handed to you by a five-year-old who can perform a complicated skill better than you can? I can throw temper tantrums better than most five-year-olds, but skiing, those litter fuckers CAN KICK MY ASS. I felt like shouting, ?Yeah, well THERE REALLY IS NO SANTA CLAUS, SO SUCK IT.?


2 thoughts on “Snowboarding”

  1. I like this! And I relate to it. It was how I felt learning to ski the first time with the "little ones" fearlessly zooming past me. I had not even thought of how older snowboarder must feel seeing the same age group blow past them.

    Now a question: egos are fragil, how do you negotiate the ego issues with clients as you teach them happiness at work? What kinds of resistence to you get? I had this image of you as the "kid snowboarder" with the "adult business leader" and could hear the leader saying "happiness at work is easy for you Alex – you got lucky and have started your own company, but . . . "

    Hope all is well in everyway possible!

  2. Excellent question, and it’s interesting that in all the workshops I’ve done, it hasn’t come up even once. Probably because our workshops let the participants discover things for themselves rather than us telling them.

    Every statement that comes from themselves and from their own experience carries a much higher credibility than anything I could ever say.

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