When we left for our ski-vacation in the french alps (Alpe d’Huez) I was worried. It’s the very end of the season, and according to the website, half the slopes were closed. The temperatures were more like summer than winter, and the forecasts all said that spring was irrevocably coming.

Fortunately, the skiing turned out great anyway. We got 4 days of wonderful warm skiing, and then we got 2 feet of new, fresh powder to ski on at the end of the week. It just does not get any better! My snowboarding took a quanum leap – I’ve never been better or had more fun on the slopes. And Patricia turned out to be a natural – those swiss genes, I’m sure.

Here’s what it looked like towards the end of the week when it was snowing (click for full size image):

5 thoughts on “Skiing”

  1. Yeah, we did have a blast. And we ARE coming to the stats in june – I’m going to a conference in the Bahamas, and we’re taking three weeks off to tour the US.

  2. You guys MUST come to Houston. We are planning a party in Downtown Houston on the 17th of June. ;) The more the merrier!!!

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