Top 10 happy workplaces

In a comment to an earlier post about Chief Happiness Officers Kristian asked me for my Top 10 list of companies that make for happy employees. So without further ado, here’s my Top 10 happy companies list:
10. jetBlue – for emphasizing fun
9. Irma – for putting people first (in danish)
8. Pixar – for the cool offices (in danish, bottom of the page)
7. Patagonia – for being cool about surfing on company time
6. Pike Place Fish – for throwing fish around
5. IKEA Denmark – for giving their lowest paid employees a 20% pay hike
4. ServiceGruppen – for listening and learning (in danish)
3. Southwest Airlines – for emphasizing love
2. Kjaer Group – for loving cars, people and life

And the number one company to be happy at:
1. Any company where YOU yourself are willing to make a difference and make yourself and others happy.

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