Already-thereness is the idea, that whatever you’re trying to achieve, you are in some measure already there. The advantage of this approach is that it allows you to build on strengths and successes, rather than on failings and shortcomings. Appreciative Inquiry works very much in this spirit. Here’s a cool quote on already-thereness, ripped from Michael Herman’s weblog:

The Spirit Of Already-Thereness: The familiar idea of searching-to-grow, exciting though it may be, is a gap maker. The long-cherished notion of becoming can soothe, but it can also serve to distance us from ourselves rather than bring us nearer. The spirit of already-thereness, on the other hand, is a gap closer. Being has more power in it than becoming. Imagine just proclaiming already-thereness. No questions asked. No permission sought. Simply take residence. It’s audacious, but declaring it is what creates it. That’s the leap!
– Jack Hawley in his book Reawakening The Spirit In Work

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