Colbert cartoons insults Danes

Last night, american TV-pundit Stephen Colbert on his show The Colbert Report attempted to “fix” the growing controversy over the Muhammed cartoons by insulting Denmark with his own scribblings.

In two cartoons, which he drew himself, he managed to offend such major Danish icons as Hamlet, Hans Christian Andersen and Queen Margrethe. To top it off, he even went after Lars von Trier. We Danes cannot let this pass. Colbert admits to being afraid of muslim retaliation – let’s show him that Danes are not to be trifled with either.

You can see the segment here – but be warned, it is strong stuff. (5MB, 1 min, wmv).

I hereby declare a special Danish Fatwah over Stephen Colbert, to be removed only after he apologizes unreservedly to all of Denmark.

Sign your name in the comments, to support our protest! If you have any ideas for specific Danish penalties we might threaten Colbert with, please add those also. Maybe we can exploit his irrational fear of bears.

(Image taken from Madsenblog who also spotted these horrible slurs).

10 thoughts on “Colbert cartoons insults Danes”

  1. humour, more, amour or r or amour more humour…..

    Whats the link between humour, respect, dialogue and questions…?

    / C

  2. That’s just horrible AND insulting. Eating The Little Mermaid! I will never ever again laugh at anything on The Colbert Report – ever!

  3. AAARGH! RAGE! We will not rest, before he is justly punished! He shall be forced to watch Danish National TV no less than 3 friday nights in a row, thereby turning his brains to porridge, so he will never again be able to think funny thoughts! We demand justice!

  4. wovv what a great way to express freedom of speech! Come on don’t be so narrow minded:)Censorship is the common problem of our century

    do these sentences recall something?

  5. ….. Unbelievable.

    The Colbert Report is a perfect show :-)

    Is this for real? Are some people really offended by this episode?

    Speaking of freedom of expression…

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