High praise

Last week I wrote a few thoughts on how being incurably lazy has enriched my life, inspired by Fred Gratzon’s book The Lazy Way to Success. Fred read that post and commented on it, saying among other things:

Your insight about starting many small projects and seeing which grabs you is incandescently brilliant. You are absolutely right when you say that the ideas that happen are by definition the right ones.

Read Fred’s entire comment here.

That’s the first time something I’ve written has been called “incandescently brilliant”. I’m blushing here :o) Thanks Fred.

2 thoughts on “High praise”

  1. Ideas are like children, they are special when they are our own. But the truth is that not every idea will survive to “happen”. And not every idea will happen because of us – it may well remain for others to enact one’s good idea.

    Alex, with so many companies “wishing” for innovation I wonder how it will ever be much more than a mere wish when the truth is – innovation requires lots of ideas that are NOT the right ones in order to discover the ones that are.

    Plus, I always knew you had a shine about you, but now I know it is because you are “incandescently brilliant” – I agree!

  2. I agree Mike, and there’s something about this more random approach to innovation that doesn’t sit well with many leaders and businesses. They want an innovation process or a recipe, guaranteed to bring them x usable ideas in y days. Innovation doesn’t work that way.

    Now knock it off with the incandescence – you’re embarassing me here. (Actually I love it :o)

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