Happy birthday to m… HOLY COW, I’m on digg

There’s been a lot of interesting stuff happening the last 24 hours:

And then something funny happened to my blog. I submitted my post on the top 10 mistakes managers of geeks make to reddit and… well look what happened to my stats:


Yikes. In short order the post got picked up by del.icio.us and Fark, but WordPress was till holding up. Then the post made it to the front page of digg, and the site promptly died :o)

The best part is that the post really seemed to resonate with people and it got a lot of insightful comments and great feedback. I hope people can use it to create better relations between geeks and managers.

And now that the site is back up and running I can go back to bed and sleep some more :o)

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday to m… HOLY COW, I’m on digg”

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  2. Thanks a bunch Phil. I gotta say: Those podcasts are frickin’ hilarious and I especially like the way you mangled my last name. Kjerulf. K-j-e-r-u-l-f. Is that so hard? :o)

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