Computer troubles. And computer bliss.

My laptop died last week. OK, OK, if you want to know the truth: I killed it. I swear I didn’t mean to. This wasn’t premeditated murder it was more like involuntary manslaughter.

Anyway: Perfect opportunity to buy a new laptop. I scanned the market and found big ones, small ones, cheap ones and expensive ones. But I ended up going with the gorgeous one. Just look at it:

LG Notebook LG Notebook LG Notebook

I spent some hours yesterday installing Ubuntu Linux on it, restoring my data from a backup and installing all the other applications that I use. Thanks to the Automatix script, that went incredibly easy.

You install Automatix, start it, select which of the 45 options you want installed, and it goes to work. An hour later, everything was installed and worked. That is quite simply amazing!

5 thoughts on “Computer troubles. And computer bliss.”

  1. That’s a beautiful laptop. Had I known about it, I would have gotten that instead of my Vaio.

    Design makes a difference. When you spend most of your time using something, you should enjoy it. (At least that’s my philosophy.)

  2. Looks like a Vaio and MacBook killer.

    Since Apple has decided that I don’t need a 12″ Intel box, I’m really tempted by the LG 12″ model, so I can make the ultimate switch, that is to Linux.

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