Traci Fenton on democracy in the workplace

Traci FentonMy good friend Traci Fenton has an excellent op-ed piece in the paper today on democracy in the workplace. From the article:

Command and control ways (as in, “do what you’re told because I’m the boss and I know best”) of the Industrial Age are dead. A Democratic Age demands a democratic approach to business that engages employees fully, taps their reservoir of talent, builds on their strengths, and rewards them in the process.

She cites W.L. Gore, Semco, Whole Foods, GE Durham and Great Harvest as great examples of successful, democratic companies.

I believe that democracy and involving employees in decisions is one of the very best ways to make them happy at work. People want to be involved and become happy, motivated and committed when they are allowed to help shape a company’s future.

You can read more about Traci and her work with freedom-based organizations on her company website

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