Weekend videos

EuroGELMark Hurst emailed me some apetizers for the upcoming EureGEL conference.

  1. Seth Godin talks about broken things at GEL06.
  2. Jimmy Wales explains Wikipedia at GEL05

I can’t wait to go – GEL looks excellent!

Oneopenwindow is a pretty cool project which aims to collect lots of videos of people telling cool stories and sharing their knowledge.

My absolute favorite video on the site so far is Brad Blanton explaining how to achieve enlightenement in three minutes. Guaranteed. Though the site is in danish, this video is in english and you can find the link at the bottom of the front page. It’s hilarious – check it out!

You can also find 12 short videos of me telling stories about happy companies (in danish).

And over on youtube there’s a video of me doing a 6-minute peach-kucha presentation on happiness at work at Reboot8 (in english).

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