Off to EuroGEL

Today is EuroGEL and I’m really looking forward to the whole day.

I’ve spent the last couple of days hanging with my friends from the US and Bahamas who have come to Copenhagen. Yesterday we had our pre-EuroGEL presentation which went just great. 35 people turned up for a presentation on festivals, happiness and democracy in the workplace. Thamk you to Joachim Oschlag for live-blogging it (in danish). And thank you to Thomas Davidsen of OneOpenWindow for filming it. Video from the event will follow.

We also met with Jesper Just Jensen of LEGO Serious Play, a strategic process that uses LEGOs to develop and capture people’s ideas. Later we met with Mads Kjaer, the CEO of Kjaer Group who told about his new company which aims to eradicate poverty in Africa by making it extremely easy for you and me to invest in Africa. That’s invest – not aid. I like it.

I apologize for my absence from the site these past few days. Fortunately I set up some blog posts ahead of time, so that’s what you’ve been seeing since tuesday. I’m still reading (and loving) everybody’s comments and will respond as soon as things turn a little less hectic round here.

2 thoughts on “Off to EuroGEL”

  1. Alexander, was great to meet you at EuroGEL. You presentation was inspirational and your blog looks valuable too… I’ve added it to my reader, keep those little tips coming! :)


  2. Thans Andrew! It was a pleasure to meet you too, and I hope you didn’t throw out your back carrying home all those books. Remember: I did offer to take some of them off your hands :o)

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