Podcast at The Engaging Brand

SpeakerAnna Farmery of The Engaging Brand does some great podcasts. Last week it was Dan Pink, next week it’s Seth Godin and this week it’s… me!

I skyped with Anna last week and she has posted the first part of our conversation here with a second part coming later this week.

I had a great time talking to Anna about happiness at work and answering her great questions, some of which were:

  • On your blog you give a Monday morning tip – which tip would you share with the listeners as your favourite?
  • You believe happiness breeds creativity and engagement – can you explain to me why you so passionately believe in this?
  • You talk about humanness on your blog – as a manager/leader how do you make stronger personal connections without losing that respect level?
  • Is this kind of culture one that develops or do you have to work at it?
  • Are there cultural differences around the world – can there only one definition of a happy work place?
  • What would your 8 word legacy be?

I think the podcast came out very well – what do you think?

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