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EmailI’ve just added a “subscribe by email” feature to the blog, meaning you can get an email every time I write a new blogpost.

The advantage is that you can read the post right in the email, and you can be among the first to read it. The disadvantage is that I usually post twice a day, so you will be getting quite a few emails from me – just though I’d warn ya :o)

Anyway: If you want to subscribe by email, click this link and fill out the form.

And of course, there’s always the rss feed if you’re into that kind of thing.

6 thoughts on “New feature: Subscribe by email”

  1. Quite funny to find out that people are ‘reinventing the wheel’.
    In fact you are creating a newsletter (by e-mail) per post, but why do people have less and less e-mail? Because people check blogs and use RSS.

    So I am interested in your motivation to add this feature and especially interested in how many people will subscribe!?

    Just curious, therefore this comment.

  2. Great question Joey. The fact is that rss is a nice feature – but many, many people don’t know what it is or don’t like it. For these people an email notification is a nice feature.

  3. Okay, but you agree that it also can be seen as a newsletter?

    Nevertheless I am still curious if people will come back at your blog or subscribe to your e-mail service. So keep us posted through this blog of your experiences? Or do I ask too much of you now? ;)

  4. Not at all – I’ll be glad to share my experiences. So far 30 people have signed up – we’ll see where it goes.

    I don’t really see this feature as a newsletter – it will function only as a reminder that there is new content on the blog.

    I also plan to create a real monthly newsletter about happiness at work soon. Real soon.

  5. I’m reading the conversation with Joey with great interest, Alex. I think you are on to something. There are definitely readers who don’t like–or actually don’t want to learn how to use–RSS. They are happy :) and contented with email. I started realizing this recently as a certain number of readers choose to comment directly via email vs. using the blog. It’s just a matter of comfort as well as privacy for some.

    Like Joey, i look forward to hearing about your experience with it after some time has passed.

  6. I think you’re right Steve. And interestingly, it costs me nothing to make the blog available in this way also. I’ll post an update after a while and let you guys know how it goes.

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