Big news: Happy links

HappyI’ve been absent from my blog for a couple of days – things have been crazy busy here at Happiness HQ. I’ve been selling and doing speaking gigs like crazy – in fact I have another one in 3 hours, so this will be a brief message.

Anyway, I’m back and I’ve got great news: I’ve added a new feature to the blog called (so far, until we come up with a better name) Happy Links.

It’s a place where you can discover and vote on great stories, links and blogposts about happiness at work. You can also submit great stuff that you’ve found or created. There are some great articles on there already.

Go check it out and let me know what you think.

Once a week I will do a sort of resume of the week’s stories and take the highest rated stories and post links to them on the blog itself – just to tie the whole thing together. Whaddayathink?

4 thoughts on “Big news: Happy links”

  1. Alexander, just getting your posts in my Google Reader makes me smile. Your energy certainly comes across in your posts. You new “Happy Links” idea is a great one. I already looked at several of those articles. Good stuff.

    I’m glad business is going so well!



  2. I agree with Frank….love the Happy Links idea. Of course, there was one link that I particularly enjoyed!!!

    Being mentioned in your blog was an honor……and will be one of my HappyUP!!!s the next time that I post!!!

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