Happy link roundup

YouHere are this week’s highest rated links and stories from the Happy at Work Link Collection.

The best in the world
What the late great Jeff Newman had to say about playing a pedal steel guitar, and what that means for those who want to be good at what they do, and humble about it. (thx iwelsh).

Make “being of value” your first priority in customer service
“The lesson is that you can go farther by showing a prospect how you can be of value to them than by trying to sell them on how good you are. We should keep that in mind.”

Playing video games all day long may not make kids happy at work (video)
In “gold-farms” in China, kids work all day to gain gold and items in video games, that can then be sold for “real” money. MAN we live in a strange world!

Dutch professor is expert on happiness
Professor Ruut van Veenhoven (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) publishes interesting articles on happiness. Read abstracts or full articles on his homepage.
(thx Erno).

The Importance of ‘Know Why’ over ‘Know How’
“Let others play with ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’ and ‘management.’ Purpose is the game of champions.???

5 Reasons Why Enthusiasm is Better than Confidence
Includes “Confidence is impressive – enthusiasm is infectious” and “Confidence is certain – enthusiasm is creative”. Brilliant!

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