Happy link roundup

Here are this week’s highest rated links and stories from the Happy at Work Link Collection.

It Isn’t Just a Myth, Power Turns People Into Assholes by Bob Sutton. “Asshole poisoning is a disease that you catch from others. It is also something that happens — with shocking speed and intensity — when people are put in powerful positions.”

Trust Tip 16: Get Beyond Fairness by trustedadvisor. “To expect fairness all the time leads only to unhappiness, yet giving fairness is something we can do.” (thx iwelsh!)

Where did the Dreamer go? by Craig Harper. “Life has a great way of sucking the creativity energy out of you, if you let it. So how can you turn it around…” (thx spocia).

The Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictionary. Very comprehensive!

Do the right thing. A site to hold companies accountable for their actions. I like it!!

Office politics is about being nice by Penelope Trunk. “Here is a message for people who say office politics donít matter: You will die a slow, painful career death. This is because thereís no getting around office politics, and mastering them is essential to being able to steer your own career. Donít take that as bad news, though, because mastering office politics is good for your soul. Really.”

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