Reboot 9.0 conference in Copenhagen May 31 – June 1

Reboot 9.0

I am of course going to this year’s Reboot conference which takes place in Copenhagen Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1 2007.

This time, the theme is “Human”:

We’re connecting to each others as human beings once again. We’re building tools to empower humans – not institutions. We’re creating new iconic collaborative human manifestations. We’re finding ourselves as humans and our human voices. We’re humanizing our organizations and our socities. We’re reestablishing links to nature we’d long forgotten. We’re looking at the world together as humans – not as consumers or workers

It’s a great conference and I urge you to go. If you do, find me and say “Hi!”

In the spirit of the event, the program hasn’t even been set yet. You can sign up to the website and suggest speakers and topics and help create the conference you want. So go participate, already.

There will even be pecha-kucha again – I had a lot of fun with that last year.

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