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I’m at the web.start conference in Zagreb where I’ll be giving a key-note presentation tomorrow on happiness at work in internet startups.

My claim is, that happiness at work is the #1 factor that will make or break a startup company. I’ll be posting my thoughts on this (and what startups should do to be happy) tomorrow – but I don’t want to give it all away before my presentation.

In the meantime please enjoy the picture above from Zagreb (a beautiful city), where the architecture seems to be either:

  • 18th. century and highly decorated
  • Soviet style concrete and very imposing
  • Modern glass and concrete and very imposing :o)

4 thoughts on “Happy startups”

  1. Hi Alex,

    I have been following your column as it got recommended by a friend and am enjoying it a lot. BTW, book is great, still going through it and definitely enjoying every chapter.

    Good luck with the conference in my home town. Hope you enjoy Zagreb. Make sure you have some Dingach wine and Bajadera chocolates.

    Greetings from Sofia

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