CreteI’m enjoying a week’s wonderful vacation in Greece. We’re talking warm weather, lots of sights, great beaches and time with my family and wonderful girlfriend. Wooo-hoooo!

In the meantime, why not check out the happy links collection, where you can:

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There are lots of great stories on there already – and more are always welcome :o)

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2 thoughts on “Vacation”

  1. I am glad to hear that you are having such a great vacation. I love to travel as well and that is why the subject of VACATION is very dear to me.
    I believe that a vacation should be time away from regular work and a chance to just enjoy family and friends and reconnect with the children, be it at home or abroad or a local venue.

    It is a sad situation that the US has one of the worst records of granting vacation time to its employers. In many European countries vacations of 4-6 weeks annually is not uncommon. In some countries it is compulsory to take a vacation as it is believed to be good for mental health.

    Having experienced the advangtages of having at least 22 working days annually for a new employee in South Africa, the limited average of 14 days annually in the US is a very difficult adjustment.

    I believe that it is a great detriment to healthy family living and happiness. I wonder how much family life is valued, if time off with the family is valued so little. For more on this subject check my blog at

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